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Message in a Bottle: storing medical information for when its needed
Make it easier for the emergency services to help an elderly, sick or infirmed resident by having their essential medical information in one spot.
In the "Bottle" you store medial details on thesheet within and have it in a common location like a frdige.
Put one of the notifying sticker on the fridge door and access door to help the any frontline worker find the information they require.
To order this please use the mail form on our contact page or text the number below on the footer and we will get the bottle  to you.
This Message in a Bottle will save time for those who need it and it could save a life.
More information at this link

c/o 21 Watson Avenue, Killiney Co. Dublin
Landline: 01-2848340   Mobile: 086-2126303
Charity number CHY 15707
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