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Dun Laoghaire Lions Club

We Serve
  Since 1969

Dun Laoghaire Lions are committed to serving the community in ways that promote improvements in our five global causes :Diabetes, environment , hunger relief, pediatric cancer and human vision.
  This is the Lions Global Service Framework  
We translate this Framework to services for the community at Christmas time and when requested through the year.
By supporting our fundraising ensures that the club is  able to serve when requested. Our commitment  is to promote  knowledge on health issues like diabetes which allow  a  positive way to extend lifespan for all who will listen.
Serving the community requires us to fund raise.
Please support our fundraising efforts
Wherever you see a collection for Lions or a Lions Coin statue, please donate to our worthy causes.
You can support in various ways by visiting our donation page.
We need your old glasses for those that need glasses
The Lions Club is commited to helping those in need with impaired vision benefit from the old glasses that you dont need anymore.
You can post then to the Club address or fill out the contact form and we can arrange another way of getting the unwanted glasses to the eyes that need them.
We are shipping our 2022 collection so far in July 2022 and thanks for all your donations.
You can always drop them into the collection box at the Royal Marin eHotel in Dun Laoghaire.

Suicide Awareness
We are all know some one or some family affected by Suicide.
The Lions clubs of Ireland can provide access to succint vital training
to help anyone know hot to spot and prevent this deadly unwarranted state of mind.

Lion President Veronica would like to say:
Thank you to all the good people of Dun Laogahire for the generous donations, of money, food and toys that help make the Christmas period be more happier for hundereds of needy families and indviduals in the community. Your generosity allows us to serve with confidence that we can deliver provisions and help where it matters most. The local business community have also helped with their generous donations that make such a difference.

Helping the NRH provide a tranqulity garden
The Dun Laoighaire Lions club helped provide a Garden away from Home at the
National Rehabilitation Hospital to be used for patient enjoyment and rehabilitation.
Please read the full story here

What happens to the money raised?
Our biggest fund raising event of the year is  the annual  House to House collection.
Over 80% of the money coleced in that appeal goes back into the Christmas hampers and vouchers supplied to the 500 plus families and indviduals who need help at Christmas time.
The remainder of the money goes on supporting people with unexpected crisis, like  changes in family cicumstance and living conditions.
Lions Club Members pay annual dues and do internal fund raising to ensure that all  external money colleceted goes back in supporting the Services that we offer.
You can help us with our good work as always using our donate page, we do appreciate all donations and channel them for those in need and to other projects.

Message in a Bottle: storing medical information for when its needed
Make it easier for the emergency services to help an elderly, sick or infirmed resident by having their essential medical information in one spot.
In the "Bottle" you store medial details on thesheet within and have it in a common location like a frdige.
Put one of the notifying sticker on the fridge door and access door to help the any frontline worker find the information they require.
To order this please use the mail form on our contact page or text the number below on the footer and we will get the bottle  to you.
This Message in a Bottle will save time for those who need it and it could save a life.
More information at this link

Please support our services

We Serve
Need our help or want to help?
If you need assitance Please fill out the contact form on the contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you want to become a Lion,  please visit our membership enquiry  page.

c/o 21 Watson Avenue, Killiney Co. Dublin
Landline: 01-2848340   Mobile: 086-2126303
Charity number CHY 15707
Dun Laoghaire Lions Club
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